Im back!!!

This trip was nothing short of a great adventure, experiencing new things and seeing life in a new way. I have to say a huge thank you to Bart for planning it ALL and showing me around his wonderful world and his friends and family for the loving kindness... you guys are awesome. I have to admit though I am thrilled to be back. The sunny days here even if they not extremely hot currently, I missed it, I missed it all. The little "nip" in the air with the heat of the sun on your skin and those amazing early sunrises. Oh my word how I missed sunny South Africa!!!

Yes I know I was planning to post more often but In all honesty a blog break was needed... I mean really really needed (Girlfriend was feeling burned out in many ways). I also wanted to be present while in Europe and really enjoy and embrace the beautiful surroundings and life had been so stressful prior to the trip that I desperately needed a minute to breathe ... know what I mean my loves? 

One more positive of being back is I have finally recovered from my pesty cold and feel alive whooooo ooooooh!!! I was a sick mess for two weeks. Anywhoozy hope things are looking positive on your side?  Posts will be back to normal very soon and I will be sharing more pictures from my trip on the blog soon. With that said, even though I want to share many many stories of my trip and share every picture I took I am really looking forward to getting back to topics other than just my trip... food, relationship talk, motivation, blog tips and so forth with the occasional travel stories in the mix. Hope that is fine with you? Let me know, your input is always important to me. 

Time for the dreaded unpacking,
 nothing is worse than packing than unpacking... can I get an Amen!

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