Custom Script For A Packaging Line

Alan Ariail -
I am showing this project as a example of what is involved to create lettering for a packaging line. The design director requested several different styles of lettering based on samples from my website. After the styles were created the project was put on hold due to product manufacturing and flavor issues. Sometimes beautiful design work does not make it to the shelf due to legal issues.

When I develop custom scripts I do a lot of quick practice writing to learn flow of letterforms. I often use many sheets of paper to get something that I can scan and use for drawing templates in Illustrator. The 3 images below are what I used for drawing templates on this project as they provided the information needed for a starting point.

This screenshot is a good example of what happens while drawing in Illustrator. I first start with a single line, create an offset path and refine the letter shapes by adding thicks and thins. Next I will do variations of the letters so the client will have different versions to choose from.

This image shows variations for the word Truffle including the difference between the template image and the vector art. The drawing template is just a starting point. Sometimes what may look good in the template will not work when creating the finished lettering. I am basically using the drawing templates as layout notes so I understand where to loop a letter, bend or connect it.

These are the first 2 styles created for the project. After reviewing these styles the client requested a less traditional style.

This is the 3rd style created and the series that ended up on the comp packaging.

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