Raisin Bran Lettering

Alan Ariail -
Raisin Bran is a lettering project from 2007. This is the original logo lettering prior to the package update.

Two different styles were created based on sketches sent by the project designers at Schawk!

All the letters were drawn on a straight baseline. Each letter was skewed to match the curve of the layout. The holding line was created with an offset path filter, united with the pathfinder filter and cleaned up by removing unnecessary bezier points and line irregularities.

Interior highlights were added and rendered with a gradation that was softened with the gaussian blur filter. A drop shadow filter was applied and an offset path was added for the thin yellow outline. The yellow outline eventually changed to white.

The second logo version was bold italic with a pin serif. The letters were drawn on a straight baseline and skewed to match the arced guidelines.

Highlight shapes were added with the same color and filters as the first logo.

Of the 2 styles created this is the lettering used on the current package design.

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