Simply Balanced

Alan Ariail -
Simply Balanced is a project from 2009. Below are the sketches used for drawing templates. Even though the rough drawings are loose with no precise measurements, they provide plenty of information needed for letter shape, curvature and weight.

While in Illustrator the single weight letters are created by drawing one line strokes which are outlined and adjusted as needed. I have created a number of type fonts using this method. In the pre computer days all the weights had to be drawn and measured using circle templates to keep the weight consistent. In Illustrator all that is required is a stroke weight selection which is quite amazing.

This image is the lettering sent to the client for use in the design comps. Its beneficial to include variations such as the loop in the N, the curved cross stroke of the E and the rounded E. Small details always make a big difference when creating letters that are not from a set type font.

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