Fresh Taste Challenge

Alan Ariail -
Fresh Taste Challenge is a commercial lettering project form March 2010. This was a rush project with very limited time to develop roughs into finished reproduction art. Final art was to be printed at a small size. The rough sketches are a perfect example of the amount of detail required for a presentation approval. Due to the quick time frame each sketch was drawn within a few minutes with notes to explain details. All the lettering was created in Illustrator with a combination of custom drawn and set type.

This image shows the steps of creating the lettering. TAKE THE and GET BACK are set type. FREAH TASTE CHALLENGE and $5 are custom drawn. ALL the letters are set up on a straight baseline then arced while using only B/W tones. Proportions are adjusted, letters are grouped accordingly and color chips are established to use for color fills.

While drawing this version I decided to place GET BACK in a curved ribbon which allowed better visual fill of FRESH TASTE CHALLENGE.

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