The Soulless logo

Alan Ariail -

Early in 2010 I was contacted by Sam Bailey located in the UK and asked to design a new logo for his band. The group was changing their name to The Soulless. After discussing style ideas with Sam I researched a lot of Black Letter typography.

Initially I intended to create a logo with flourishes trailing from the top and bottom of the double L. I drew a series of pencil sketches including brush studies and fountain pen writing with a 1900's Swan eyedropper. I was looking for a way to interlock the letters using vintage writing instruments. As the project progressed the style changed as flourishes made for too complex of a read. I toned down the logo by using swashes instead of flourishes.

For the finished logo two versions were produced. A clean edge and a deckled edge effect. The logo can be viewed on The Soulless twitter page.

While in Illustrator I drew the letters by combining elements I liked from a couple of the sketches.

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