How BOO was created.

Alan Ariail -
BOO was used for e-mail greetings as a low resolution JPG file. This was a quick little wrist exercise that I did while drinking a cup of coffee before my work day started. Since posting BOO I have received some inquiries asking how the lettering was created. FIrst step was sketch some quick rhythm studies in pencil and marker on tissue paper.

One of the sketches was imported to Illustrator as a template. I began to draw the basic letter shapes with the pen tool. The line paths were offset by 9 points to create the letterform outlines.

Next, I shaped the outlines to the desired widths.

After drawing and adjusting the letters and flourishes I imported a screen shot to Photoshop and inverted the color. I blurred the image to soften the letters.

Final step was to apply the Alien Skin Snap Art Impasto filter. I played with a number of settings to get the ghost like appearance and voilĂ .

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