Marie Meier Lettering

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This evening I was archiving a bunch of job files from the past year and I noticed some lettering for a Marie Meier project a while ago. This was some of the coolest lettering iI worked on at the beginning of the year. Its always interesting to letter with some tattoo influence for inspiration.

These are the quick sketches. This was one of those projects when I drew the lettering and embellishments freehand in Illustrator. Just winged it. I had a general idea of what I wanted the lettering to look like and used the sketches for a rough template guide.

I drew the lettering for one version on a set of arced guidelines as I needed to produce it for use on apparel.

When drawing the embellishments I started out with smooth curved paths. The paths were offset and I moved the bezier points to change the thickness of the stroke.

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