The Healthy Choice Logo

Alan Ariail -
Healthy Choice is a lettering project I was involved with approximately 2 years ago. I worked with a group of designers at Brandimage - Desgrippes & Laga refining their concept sketches including some of my own.

These are some of my rough sketches used to produce a closed in series of logos.

During a late night sketching session I started to think about the combination of sans serif with semi script letter forms. Specifically the e, a and c. By including letters that had a open script style the logo got some personality it lacked in previous attempts.

With a solid sketch I produced the vector version and sent it to the creative director. The logo was accepted and some versions were later produced that enclosed the letters in an oval. The final logo of the product line was the version with no oval enclosure.

Several months after working on the project I saw the product line when I was in the grocery store. I noticed that 2 small changes were made internally by the CD with a curved cross stroke of the cap H and a longer ligature of the lowercase y. Both excellent improvements to the logo.

This was a unique project to work on and one that gave me the chance to design a sans semi script type style for a logo printed on an extensive food packaging line.

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