The AKL Logo

Alan Ariail -

AKL is a logo I created for Arno Karthollnig Lettering. Basically a fun little lettering project to do while enjoying a break from recent commercial deadlines.

My first logo attempt turned out OK but I had some reservations about the legibility with a close lockup of all 3 letters.

The initial sketches were studies of 3 combined letterforms A, K & L. I used a PITT brush maker and knocked out a bunch of roughs. I taped them to my office wall for review and selected several to scan and import for use as a drawing template. My intention was not to duplicate the rough letter shapes in Illustrator. The template was nothjing more than a visual reference starting point.

I posted the logo on Dribble and a fellow lettering artist commented the logo read as "AIR". At that point I thought it best to separate the K & L and redesign the piece with perhaps more elegance. I drew another rough and and started over in Illustrator. The second logo attempt turned out rather nice compared to my first effort.

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