Quick Lettering with a Dream Marker

Alan Ariail -

I recently began using a Chartpak marker for some quick lettering marker sketches. I never knew this marker existed until a recent trip to the art supply store. Back in the 80's I was using Desgn Art Markers which no longer exist. Those markers had a incredibly stiff flex nib which allowed for super fine lines to thick and heavy strokes. For many years I have been looking for a replacement marker with the same nib quality. Almost every marker I have tried since had nibs that lost the fine point after several hours of lettering.

What I find amazing with the Chartpak marker nib is I cannot ruin the tip no matter how hard I press into the surface of the paper. I can lightly float the nib on the surface for a thin line or press it down to bleed and heavy up the stroke. Instead of doing a quick sketch many times over I can now get the sketch down within the first or second attempt. No need to rework the strokes in overlays as I am getting what I want with the pressure applied with the marker nib. It's a very fresh method without overworking a sketch and loosing the initial rhythm.

When I scan the sketch all the visual information is there for a vector template. No need to guess where to put the lines or thicks and thins. A more direct approach to create vector lettering. This is turning out to be a wonderful life and lettering experience.

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