Organic Valley Lettering

Alan Ariail -

I often refer to the grocery store as the  Lettering Art Gallery of Print Reproduction. A morning visit lead to a wonderful find in the dairy section. My lettering for Organic Valley is now in print on the milk packaging. In addition to this back panel lettering I also created the current Organic Valley lettering for the logo. This was 3 month project in the last quarter of 2012.

With this project I was sent a rough typeset file from the creative director with notes suggesting style reference.  I drew some quick studies with a ballpoint pen, scanned the sketches, posterized the images and exported to Illustrator for use as template layers. This is a excellent example to show what a lot of commercial lettering involves.

I prefer to not use type fonts when creating custom lettering but I had to follow the creative directors request for 9 words set in Tisa Pro. All the rest is hand lettered from scratch based on  the rough sketches. The word Delicious involved a bit of time to figure out an appropriate script style to fit in with serif letters of the overall design.

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