Concept Sketching 101

Alan Ariail -

Concept sketching is where it all begins with a lettering treatment. There is no magic computer button to press that automatically generates concept sketches. Clients want to see ideas and quick little rough sketches I refer to as "quickies" are the first step. After client review a direction for final art will be chosen or more quickies will be requested. Eventually vector art will be produced for final.

No matter how long digital tools have been available there will always be individuals who believe if  lettering is produced with digital methods the lettering will be total crap with no human input. Little do they realize the computer is not creating the lettering. It all starts with marks placed on a sheet of paper. There are no shortcuts in the process and no magical lettering software program exists. A pen and sheet of paper are the most valuable tools of the trade. Impossible to letter without them.

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