Motivational Monday

20 days into the new year and there has been so many times I thought common 2014. 2013 really ended pretty crap and 2014 started with an infusion of drama. With that said I am happy to announce (rooftop shouting kinda announcement) I had a fabulous week and weekend. So now I feel all enthusiastic about the year ahead. Sometimes one just needs a lifeline. Something that gives you a boost, a dose of encouragement or just something to say its not going to be hard all day everyday. Know what I mean? so this week here's my words of motivation to you all...

Stay focused on what you want to achieve in this life, take care of yourself so you can enjoy all your hard work and for goodness sake ONLY surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Life will really show you how beautiful it can be once you eliminate unnecessary stress.

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