My Travel Essentials

Hey my lovelies!! Literally I am sitting here feeling a bit grumpy Moanday blues, anyone else feeling this way too? but as with everything in life there is ways you can put a smile on your dial. One thing that always has me all chirpy and delighted is thinking about travelling, weekends away, road trips you name it I am all for it! throw in some online fashion browsing and I got myself a reason to smile.

Now I am going to be severely honest with you, this is a collaboration post. But one I really do stand by (or else it wouldn't be on this little space). Lets be real though who can resist browsing the Harrods site?  not me! While browsing around trying to find my Monday inspiration I had many moments thinking ooooh this could be divine to wear on a holiday and aaaaah this is exactly what I need. Which got me thinking what would be my four travel essentials if money was no object.
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