Staying sane when you out of your comfort zone.

Recently Bart and I have made the "big step", moving in together. Now I will be honest it is not my first time living with a boyfriend, with that said both times have been pretty daunting. Seeing as though it is two completely different individuals trying to find harmony. It doesn't happen very easily, just ask anyone who has embarked on this journey. You see habits you might be like eeeeeuw about. Like socks laying everywhere or going to bed with a perfectly clean kitchen only to wake up finding it in a total mess. Drives me banana's!

But for me the greatest challenge has been trying to feel at home. Feeling comfortable when nothing is as you used to it. There's no privacy, you have twice the amount of chores. You cant just cook what you craving or being told every idea you have for decorating is way to girly these are just to give you a few examples. Things change. A whole lot. Now while I am still trying to find my sweet spot here I do find comfort in holding onto things I did at my home. Like how I enjoy my Sundays, staying in bed if its raining and grey out with a good series playing back to back. Drives Bart insane. But it also keeps me from wanting to run back home all the time. Everything is a trial and error kind of feeling. Just telling the truth here.

Here are some of my tips on staying balanced when life is changing:
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