Five ways to feel inspired right now!

Five ways to feel inspired right now!

See your own growth:
It is really easy to feel frustrated with your goals and not see any progress even though it glaring tight at you. One way I really find works for me is to see how far my blog and life has grown. Go back way back, back into time! and pat yourself on the back for any tiny growth you can see and use yourself as motivation.

Learn something new:
Whether it is a new html tip or trick or a new recipe.  Learning new things boosts your confidence and for some really amazing reason when we are confident we feel very inspired about life in general.

Wake up and meditate on only positive thoughts:
I do this 99% of the time (honestly, I stopped for a hot minute and my days were grey and gloomy). I wake up, lay in bed and meditate and visualize what I want my day to be like. I let my imagination run wild. Think about that latte you going to have, think about how great you going to look. Think about how productive you going to be. Its always amazes me how a positive thought in the morning can change your day.
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