Opposites attract?!

I often sit and laugh at how challenging a relationship is (whyyyy is it so hard). With each new "level" there is a huge demand for change, I however being a true taurean, I am not a fan of to much change or giving someone a control over my life or future for that fact. But, every now and then I laugh at what it must be like for Bart. Someone so set in his ways, living with me. I am o.c.d, I am isolated at times. I guess it comes from past relationships where I just learned to entertain myself and really in all honesty I do enjoy my own company. 

I am probably emulating Carrie ( SATC) with my thoughts finding its way onto my laptops screen, but, have you ever had one of these moments? sitting and wondering how your habits may be on your loved one. Bart and I are really the complete opposites, we find the complete opposite things appealing and entertaining. He finds the things I really do adore annoying as f..# and likewise for me. I guess the statement is true... opposites do attract! 

Are you and the spouse, partner, lover alike or polar opposites? share your answers in the comments below. 

~Image credit: Cupcakes and cashmere~

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