Mid week reading

Oh hello August, for me August has its perks, for instance its my sisters birthday month meaning celebrations and a teeny weeny chance we might get a little snow. With that said I also dread August because it happens to be the coldest month here in South Africa and me no likey the cold. Thankfully it has been pretty pleasant. Anyway before I keep rambling on and on about the weather,I am sorry and well aware my recent posts have mostly been sharing links to posts I have enjoyed. But I really have been busy and want to get back in the blogging groove so I hope you don't mind it to much. I do hope you having a wonderful week, if not stay positive and remember that if things are good do everything you can to enjoy and value it because things change so quickly and if they not going well, keep strong because every breakdown is followed with a breakthrough. I'm sending you all positive vibes!!

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