Motivational Monday | Be brave enough to ask those dreaded questions.

I really have gone back and forth about hitting the publish button on this post. Not for the fear that I will feel ashamed or its over share, more the fact that from going from an abusive,cheating relationship I started noticing guys I was giving my time to tended to treat me like trash... no matter what they did they were like "at least I didn't cheat etc." So putting this one incident out there that hurt me, its like I don't want any guy to think... well she took that so anything I do is fine. I read and awesome quote on instagram (not yet following? be sure to follow @MeghanSSilva ) "Once you let a slide, they start FIGURE skating" this made me totally laugh and nod my head. But anyway I am putting my big girl panties on and just want to motivate you with a personal lesson in love and let you all know, you not alone in this rough dating world. I hope you enjoy this honest post.
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