A Series of Oblique Holders

Alan Ariail -
This is a series of oblique holders I worked on a couple months ago. Basically practice to learn the process of making a flange and develop a method for cutting  the wooden pen at an angle to install the flange. I made an adjustable bandsaw jig which allowed the blade to cut the pen body with various tilt angles. This was a learning process and some of the angles were too steep for the nib when contacting the paper surface. Those particular pens were tossed in the trash.

The flange I designed allows the nib to be rotated unlike some of the production oblique holders I have purchased in the past which position the nib at a fixed position. I experimented with double and single flange pens including oblique and straight nib inserts in the same pen. Eventually I will make some obliques with a variety of woods similar to the straight holders.

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