More Calligraphy Pens In the Works

Alan Ariail -
I have not posted any lettering updates in a long time. All my free time for many months of this year has been spent making calligraphy pen holders of many shapes and sizes. It has taken a long time to learn and develop finishing techniques after the pens are turned on the lathe. To  deal with moisture prevention the drilled hole for the nib insert is sealed with epoxy and a brass tube. This will make the the nib insert easier to replace if it eventually rusts.

This photo is the first step in setting up the wood blanks. I am painting with various earth tones and textures of wood. Next step in the process is to apply an extremely strong glue and laminate all the pieces of each blank. When everything is clamped and placed in a wall rack I let the wood blanks cure for a few days.

I plan to airbrush dye and transparent acrylics into some of the wood segments to enhance colors of each pen. After adding color the turned blanks will get several coats of shellac followed by smooth sanding and finished with multiple thin clear coats.  The clear coat will be micro polished and buffed with wax. Each wooden blank on the workbench will eventually become a beautiful and functional calligraphy pen.

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