What makes a "great blogger", anyway?

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I was by accident listening (ease dropping) to a conversation between a few ladies about blogging. Common you know the minute I heard blogging I would be a tiny bit more attentive. They were discussing how to distinguish a "good blogger" from a "bad blogger". With some valid key points on layout and perfect pictures, it got me thinking what is a "good blogger"?

"Tweet: What makes a "great blogger", anyway?" 

In my very humble opinion, yes I think some things make a blogger more relatable and makes the blog itself beautiful in a complete package. But, with each blog being a creative voice of an individual with various tastes, loves and loathes, could it ever be as easy to define. I personally think its all about what a reader is looking for. I read many blogs, some I start following like my daily cosmo. Others are once off experiences and from the second I read them thoughts like "too young for me", "totally not in the same life phase" or even a simple "boring" pop into my head. So I thought just for adding my two cents to a conversation I wasn't a part of ;) I will share a list of things I look for in a blog or blogger.

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