From Bruges with love

Currently in a cosy hotel in Bruges

Cycling is not for me!

Perhaps I have romanticized thanks to the countless European movies I watched, but bicycle riding might just not be for me. The last 24 hours entailed a 2 hour straight bicycle ride through Knokke-heist to Holland. It was quite the ride for a first time cyclist. I always thought in my mind people who bicycled to discover a city found a little bench on the side, pulled out a baguette, some wine or in this case few Belgium beers and just took in the beautiful scenery. Not the case, instead I found myself reaching Holland with sore legs and sore everything else, if you know what I mean. Walking around was sore... have I told you I was sore yet? 

But, I decided to pull out my camera and just enjoy the place and capture as many moments as I could. But pretty quickly thoughts entered my mind "we came here by bicycle and we will be returning that way too.... help!" Some where along the way back I found myself daydreaming that one car would tow us back. The daydreaming got disturbed by a large shout from Bart "what the hell... slow down!." Yip I am still laughing inside (like a winner... from The other woman), because my legs have never been an autopilot like that in my life. 

I think its pretty simple to say cycling is not for me...!

Anyway another day another adventure... follow along on instagram for more pictures @MeghanSSilva

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