My secret to getting that glow | Dove Summer Glow

Now those that know me know I am pretty pale, like white... uber white. So keeping a nice glow all year round has always been a challenge. I don't know about you, but just a hint of glow can change how I feel in an instant. I used to love self tanners, had a bathroom cabinet filled with self tanners, mittens etc kind of love!. But most times the results were just way too dramatic. My bf at the time would kid that I literally just had a one day intense Mozambique holiday at how different I looked. So I decided its time to try something more gradual. I have used many, but my recent favorite has to be Dove summer glow. The glow is really noticeable but at the same time instead of shocking the people in my life its a subtle gorgeous glow which I can control. Read my self tanning tips below!
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