Skin diaries

Well now you all know I have been a super loyal to all things ponds, but while in Europe my skin started this weird flaking thing and to be honest I was searching for a reason to try something new... but I promise it was flaking ;). I eventually got my hands on this amazing Hello mirror guess my age (hello love that name) serum from Hema and a Triple action cleansing water from Sephora. 

Confession time : I was extremely lazy with makeup removal, see as summer was upon us South Africans I decided to get waterproof makeup goodies... and as we all know they tend to be more stubborn to remove. 

With my above confession out of the way I noticed I was starting to get the odd breakout here and there and I was like no no no! I got to step up my skin care  game. These two works beautifully together. Even in a rush, which was the theme of my trip haha. These products have worked wonders on removing make-up fast and the serum in calming and nourishing on my skin. Just had to share this new combo I have been trying with you.

Whats your latest beauty must have? share it in the comments below.

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